Louisiana DOTD Cable Barrier Project

In 2017, Chustz Surveying was approached by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) to help develop and execute a pilot project to collect survey grade LiDAR data along one of Louisiana’s busiest highways.  The goal was to utilize new technology to increase safety for workers, cut cost to taxpayers, and decrease project time. Working with multiple Federal, State, and local officials, Chustz Surveying designe...

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Mississippi River Revetments

Since 2001, the New Orleans District Corps of Engineers Channel Stabilization has selected Chustz Surveying for their Automated Revetment Surveys Contract along the Mississippi, Atchafalaya and Red Rivers from Mile 326.0 to Mile 0.0 utilizing multibeam hydrographic and real time mobile terrestrial laser line scanning survey methods. The surveys are obtained using Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) for horizontal positioning of...

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Atchafalaya Levees

CSI performed several extensive profile surveys along the levees, floodwalls, structures, etc. depicting the line of protection for the entire Atchafalaya Basin System for the New Orleans Corps of Engineers in 2015. The project control consisted of an intricate system of Static GPS surveys utilizing over 80 monuments throughout the Atchafalaya Basin and surrounding areas and taking over four weeks to complete, spanning over 4...

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CSI was asked by Headwaters, LLC to perform a topographic aerial survey of an ash pile for volume computations and assessment at the local power plant, Big Cajun II. CSI carefully planned the control surveys as this job was to be constrained to the plant coordinate system. The control surveys were obtained using RTK survey methods and the aerial survey was conducted with our SensFly eBee fully autonomous survey drone. Utilizi...

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Impala Terminals

Chustz Surveying Inc. was requested  to perform high resolution multibeam and LiDAR surveys  of the Impala Terminals Burnside facility in Darrow, Louisiana at Mississippi River mile 170. The topographic survey encompassed the entire facility and the hydrographic survey covered from water’s edge to approximately 1200 feet into the Mississippi River. On Septmeber 15, 2016, Chustz deployed a two person multibeam hydrographic surve...

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No Name Bayou

CSI conducted a comprehensive survey of approximately 2.2 square miles at the No Name Bayou Marsh site for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). The survey consisted of 72 cross sections at 250 foot intervals to cover the marsh fill site, roadway, and levees, three centerline profiles with additional cross sections at 500 foot intervals, establishing two baselines, setting one staff gage, a full topographic survey of surfa...

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Causeway Risers

CSI was asked by the New Orleans Corps of Engineers to perform a highly accurate survey of the causeway risers with both horizontal and vertical positions. After discussing the inaccessibility of some of these points, it was decided and agreed upon by both parties that a Terrestrial LiDAR Survey would be the most accurate and economical means to collect the required data. A five Person GPS Survey Party conducted the project control survey whic...

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Pointe Coupee

In 2011, Chustz Surveying was commissioned by the Pointe Coupee Police Jury to set survey control monuments throughout Pointe Coupee Parish. CSI set 24 deep rod monuments and establihed positions and elevations on each utilizing several Static GPS surveys....

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